3 Ton Pickup Truck Rental in Dubai

3 Ton Pickup Truck Rental In Dubai

3 ton pickup for rent in Dubai

Welcome to Haulier Transport, your number one source for 3 ton pickup truck rental in Dubai. We have a comprehensive fleet of 3 ton pickup trucks for rent since we know that moving and transporting huge objects can be difficult.This helps to provide a stress-free and wholesome experience.

We have an extensive fleet of 3 ton pickup rentals in Dubai. Our fleet is of the latest models of 3 ton pickup trucks from the leading automobile companies in Dubai. 

3 ton pickup for rent in dubai
3 ton pickup truck rental dubai with tail lift

All the trucks follow community guidelines for safety and security. We excel in providing top-notch transportation services with our 3 ton pickup trucks. 

3 ton pickup truck for rent in Dubai is half of the story. Our team of drivers, customer support, and the maintenance department complete the cycle of the 3 ton pickup rental in Dubai. Our RTA-approved drivers, extensive fleet section, affordable prices, and hassle-free booking make us the best choice for the people of Dubai for their material transport in Dubai.  At We, you will get the best 3 ton pickup truck rental services across Dubai. 

Contact our team for the unparalleled 3 ton pickup truck booking in Dubai!

Why Choose Our 3 Ton Pickup For Rent In Dubai?

3 ton pickup

Reliable and Durable Vehicles

Our entire fleet of 3 ton pickup truck rental in Dubai, featuring sturdy and reliable vehicles from top brands like Toyota, Nissan, and Ford. Moreover, the pickup trucks have influential diesel engines and tough suspension systems for smooth presentation even when loaded with cargo. Moreover, you can trust our trucks to transport large, heavy items without any issues securely.

Enclosed Cargo Area

Our 3 ton pickup for sale trucks come with an enclosed cargo bed, which provides safety, security, and protection for your belongings. Therefore, the hardtop cover keeps your items safe from weather rudiments and prying eyes. Moreover, built-in tie-down hooks allow you to secure the load during transport properly. Furthermore, we provide used 3 ton pickup for sale in dubai

Specialized Moving Accessories

To make moving and delivery tasks easier, our 3 ton pickup truck rentals in Dubai come equipped with accessories like ramps for loading wheeled items such as motorcycles, furniture dollies for transporting heavy furniture and appliances, and straps & blankets to keep your belongings protected inside the truck bed. Also, we provide used 3 ton pickup for sale in uae 

Experienced Drivers

All our drivers are professionally trained and licensed with years of experience maneuvering large trucks in Dubai’s busy streets and highways. Moreover, they offer safe, smooth transportation of your cargo to the terminus. Consequently, you can have complete peace of mind with our skilled drivers behind the wheel. 

3 ton pickup for rent in Dubai

Our Cost-Effective 3 Ton Pickup For Rent In Dubai Rates

We offer very reasonable and affordable rental rates for our 3 ton pickup truck rental in Dubai. Our transparent pricing structure safeguards you pay the exact amount without any concealed charges. Additionally, our 3 ton pickup price in uae is very affordable. Some key highlights:

  • Low daily, weekly, and monthly rental costs
  • Discounted long-term rental rates for 3 months or longer
  • Special dealer pricing for business partners
  • Extra driver fees waived for corporate accounts
  • No hidden fuel, insurance, or maintenance costs

Furthermore, we also provide customized rental packages to meet your specific transportation requirements. You can easily afford our 3 ton pickup price in Dubai.Moreover, our friendly staff will explain all the charges and help you select the most lucrative rental plan based on your requirements. 

3 Ton Pickup Price In Dubai

The price of a 3 ton Pickup truck varies from project to project. Our 3 ton pickup truck for rent depends on multiple factors, such as the model of the 3 ton pickup truck you choose, the longevity of the rental period, the number of drivers booked with the services, the type of service you booked for, and the season you booked. These and many other factors decide the price of our 3 ton pickup truck for rent in Dubai.   

To get the exact price for a 3 ton pickup truck for rent in Dubai. Contact our team with your itinerary list and book one of our 3 ton pickup trucks in Dubai now!

Full-Service Offerings for Added Convenience

Along with our rental trucks, we provide additional services to make your moving or delivery process hassle-free: 

Loading & Unloading Assistance

Our team helps you safely load all your items at the pickup location and unload them securely at your destination address. Accordingly, this covers both residential and commercial conveyances.

Secured Parking & Storage

You can park your rented 3 ton pickup for sale in uae in our secure depot area. Moreover, long-term rentals can also utilize our low-cost storage capability to keep your extra belongings.

Roadside Assistance

Our 24/7 breakdown service ensures assistance in case your rental truck has any technical issues during the rental period. We immediately provide a replacement truck, so your transport schedule is not affected.

3 ton pickup truck rental dubai

3 ton pickup truck rental in Dubai

Haulier Transport is a 3 ton pickup truck rental in Dubai which that provides the best and most cooperative transport. We will transport your items with safety and security at the exact time that you want. 3 ton pickup also offers the double cabin pickup for your comfort and ease. Double cabin pickup means a truck that has 3 tons (6,000 pounds) and a double cabin configuration. Double cabin pickups are mostly used for personal transportation and moving heavy-load items.Its maximum capacity specifies that these trucks can carry heavy loads.

Haulier Transport also provides the services of buying & selling Mitsubishi Canter cars in UAE, like AED 119,000, AED 68,000, 64,900,145,000,62,500, and many more. 

Dimensions of a pickup truck

Types of Vehicles

3 Ton Pickup

7 Ton Pickup

7 Ton Pickup


4.2 Meter

7.3 Meter

3 Ton Pickup


1.5 Meter

2.4 Meter

4.2 Meter

Uses of 3 ton Pickup Truck Rental Dubai

A 3 ton pickup truck rental in Dubai can serve a variety of purposes, especially in a bustling city with a booming economy like Dubai.Some of the joint uses of 3 ton pickups for rent in Dubai are:

Displacement and Relocation:

If you want to move to a new department and want to renovate your office or haul heavy goods, a 3 ton pickup truck can be an affordable solution for transporting your belongings.

3 ton pickup

Furniture Transport:

Pickup trucks are suitable for transporting large furniture pieces such as sofas, tables, wardrobes, and appliances, providing the space necessary to transport these items safely.

Construction and Renovation

Pickup trucks are used in construction and revamp for transporting materials, tools, and equipment to and from job places for industries from one place to another. They are valuable for moving sand, gravel, cement, wood, and more.

Event Setup:

Pickup transposts are used to transport the items for events like such as exhibitions, trade shows, concerts, and festivals. They can transport the staging materials, sound equipment, lighting, and other event-related substances.

Landscaping and Horticulture.

These trucks can also used to collect waste things like waste from the construction area and clean trash from public areas.

3 ton pickup helps to transport the landing and gardening items: plants, soil, mulch, rocks, and gardening tools.

Business delivery

Small area businesses often need a reliable method of transportation to deliver goods to customers. A pickup truck can be a upright choice for making local area deliveries.

Waste Disposal

Select the Best 3 ton pickup truck

Transportation of goods

Picked trucks have large are to transport goods like heavy machinery, generators, and other tools that are used in industries.


DIY Projects

Pickup trucks are also very effective in emergencies to transport Supplies, equipment, or personnel in disaster areas.

Whether you’re starting a DIY home improvement project or helping others, a pickup truck can help you transport supplies, tools, and other essentials that are used in DIY projects.

Rental Business:

If you are handling a rental business and moving items like furniture and other rental items,3 tone pick up helps to transport that item.

Adventures and Outings:

Pickup trucks are also helpful to transport adventure and pouting items such as camping gear, bicycles, surfboards, or other adventure gear.

3 ton pickup truck rental dubai with tail lift

Why Choose Haulier Transport for 3 ton pickup?

Multiple Services Options: 

We offer a wide range of services, such as living space relocation, business transport, package transport, office relocation, and event transport. 

Rental Package: 

We offer a package with our 3 ton pickup truck rental in Dubai. We rent our 3 ton pickup trucks with our drivers.

Different Packages:

 We offer short or long-term 3 ton pickup trucks for rent in Dubai packages. 


We have a team of medium-duty trucks to drive the vehicle for you. Our drivers are experienced, RTA-approved, bilingual, and knowledgeable about the rules and regulations that make them trustworthy to be booked with.  

With many years of experience in Dubai’s truck rental industry, you can rely on our professionalism and expertise for all your pickup truck needs:

  • Largest rental fleet in UAE – We have more than 50 pickup trucks ready for immediate rental with any required accessories.
  • Commitment to timely delivery – Our drivers strictly follow schedules to ensure your goods reach their destination within the committed timeframe.
  • Stringent truck maintenance procedures – Our fleet undergoes regular servicing, repairs, and sanitization to provide you with safe, hygienic trucks.
  • Round-the-clock assistance – Our support team is available 24/7 to help with bookings, queries, and any rental issues.
  • Complete pickup to delivery door-to-door service for added convenience. 

How to Rent a 3 Ton Pickup From Us

Renting a pickup truck from Haulier Transport takes just three simple steps:

Browse through the options on our website or contact our team to identify the most suitable 3 ton pickup truck rentals in Dubai for your specific cargo and journey details. Moreover, we will recommend the ideal vehicle.

Book Your 3 ton pickup for rent in dubai

You can make a booking on our website or phone our rental hotline. Provide details like rental period, pickup/drop locations, driver requirements, etc. Furthermore, we will send a quote with all applicable charges.

2 Ton Pickup For Rent In Dubai

Schedule the 3 ton pickup

Once you confirm the booking by paying a deposit, we will schedule the pickup date and time as promised. Moreover, our team will arrive with the truck to load the cargo and begin the rental period. 

Contact Us Today for 3 ton pickup for rent

Medium-sized duty trucks, also known as 3 ton pickup trucks are the basic need for residents of Dubai. To help the people of Dubai, we offers 3 ton pickup truck rental in Dubai. We have an extensive fleet of 3 ton pickup trucks, an experienced team of licensed drivers, a professional customer support team, multiple services, and a hassle-free booking process. 

We offer home, villa apartments, and office relocation services. Moreover, we offer event transport, logistic transport, and any kind of heavy material transport for construction companies. Our 3 ton pickup truck for rent in Dubai is the best choice for logistics companies and residents who often need to transport goods within or outside Dubai. We offer long and short-term 3 ton pickup truck rental plans in Dubai. The best part of booking our services is we often have seasonal discounts on our 3 ton pickup truck rental in Dubai.  

To rent a high-quality 3 ton pickup truck for sale in uae for your goods transport requirements in Dubai, get in touch with the Haulier Transport today.You can call us, email us, and fill out the rental request form on our website. We are committed to providing you with an affordable 10 ton pickup, worry-free rental experience.

What is the process for renting a 3 ton pickup truck from you?

It’s a simple 3-step process – select the ideal truck for your needs, book the rental by contacting us, and then we’ll schedule the pickup time and dispatch the truck and driver. A truck is a vehicle with a three-ton (6,000-pound) load potential. It is frequently used for shipment transportation and is to be had in varied fashions and configurations.

What are the rental rates for your 3 ton pickup trucks?

We offer very reasonable rates starting from daily rentals to long term monthly rentals. Moreover, we also have special discounted pricing for business customers and customized rental packages to meet your specific needs.

What sets your firm apart from other rental providers?

We have the largest rental fleet in UAE, provide timely and scheduled deliveries, maintain our trucks rigorously, and offer round-the-clock customer assistance for a smooth hassle-free rental experience.

What sets your company apart from other rental providers?

We have the largest rental fleet in UAE, provide timely and scheduled deliveries, maintain our trucks rigorously, and offer round-the-clock customer assistance for a smooth hassle-free rental experience. 

Where can I find a 3 ton pickup for lease in Dubai?

You can rent 3 ton pickup vans in Dubai through local car rental groups or online platforms that offer car condo offerings.

Do you have records on Mitsubishi 3 ton pickups?

Yes, Mitsubishi makes 3 ton pickups. Consult Mitsubishi sellers in Dubai for their specific models, features, and availability.

Where can I discover used 3 ton pickup vehicles on the market in UAE?

Used 3 tonne pickup vehicles are available for sale within the UAE via numerous channels together with online classifieds, used car dealers, and auctions. Check authentic list structures and phone the seller for info.

What is the size of a standard 3 ton pickup truck?

Dimensions of a this pickup truck may range by way of make and version. Common dimensions include the length, width, and peak of the cargo area. Please check with the specifications furnished by way of the manufacturer for actual details.


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