Everything You Need to Know About Pickup Rental Dubai

Choosing an Pickup Rental Service in Dubai

Dubai is a bustling city with an emerging business hub. Transportation is the most required thing for individuals, companies, and small industries. To help the people with their transport needs. Many renowned transportation companies are offering reliable transportation solutions including pickup truck rental.

In today’s blog post, we will try to answer some basic questions of every business owner who wants to rent these trucks to give you a brief about how pickup truck rental works in Dubai.

What is a pickup truck Rental In Dubai?

A pickup truck is any light-duty truck that has a surrounding cabin, and a back cargo bed with no roof. Pickup trucks come in different ranges of carrying capacity like 1 Ton, 3 Ton, 7 Ton, and in some cases 10 Ton. They are more affordable than the expensive cargo and reefer trucks.  Different companies are offering these pick-up truck rentals in Dubai. These are versatile vehicles known for transporting goods, machines, furniture, or oversized items.

How much does pickup Truck Rental Cost in Dubai?

It is the most frequently asked question we see on Google. Let’s answer this.  Nobody can declare the cost of pick-up truck rental in Dubai. The cost of pick-up truck rental depends on many factors like the type of truck, model of truck, rental period, and other amenities. We are discussing each factor further to make it clear to you. There are different types of trucks with different accommodation capacities. Some have 3 people sitting area apart from the open bed at the end while some do not have them.

Different automobile companies’ truck costs depend on the model are the truck and they come with different costs so the rental price is affected by it too. Taking the rental period into consideration, companies rent their pickup truck for the short term and long term. Ultimately collectively all these factors decide the pickup truck rental price  On average, one pickup truck costs between 150 AED to 300 AED for a single day. The price could vary based on the season and the festivities. For the most recent rates, it is advisable to contact a transportation provider company in Dubai.

Is it good to rent one with a driver or without a driver?

Dubai’s roadways are very strict and the local police don’t allow pickup trucks and vans to be on the road. As they consider it dangerous for the public transport. It is advisable to rent a pickup truck with the driver as it not only helps you to reach your destination on time. Also, there will be no need to get a heavy-duty license to drive it. The drivers most companies offer are bilingual and experienced enough to take you to your final destination in no time.  

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What are the insurance costs and options while renting a pickup truck?

Most of the companies when renting a pickup truck. They offer it while covering the insurance fees. It is advisable to include insurance fees in your package to avoid any unfavorable circumstances. There are a few companies that offer the pick-up rental service without including the insurance fees but to book that service you have to pay a hefty amount apart from the rental charges.

Many transportation companies are offering this service. But as far as my advice is concerned, HT Haulier Transport is best with all the above-mentioned qualities. This is the end of today’s blog. Hope you know much about the pickup truck rental service in Dubai!