10 ton pickup truck in Dubai

10 Ton Pick Up Truck

10 Ton Pickup Dubai

Are you looking to rent a 10 ton pickup truck in Dubai for your business needs? As a leading pickup truck rental company in Dubai, Haulier Transport offers high-quality 10 ton pickup trucks for rent at competitive rates.

A 10 ton pickup truck in Dubai is essential for transporting heavy cargo and equipment. With a large payload capacity, these rugged trucks can haul up to 10,000 lbs, or 4,500 kg of goods.

At Haulier Transport, we understand the importance of having a reliable 10t truck for your business operations and projects. That’s why we offer a modern fleet of 10 ton pickup for sale in UAE.

Moreover, renting a 10 ton pickup from us gives you access to well-maintained trucks at cost-effective prices without the hassle of maintenance and ownership responsibilities. We take care of all the nitty-gritty so you can focus on your core tasks.

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10 ton pickup truck in Dubai

10 ton truck Rental in Dubai

Farah Manager

I must say that it was a truly exceptional experience. From the moment I contacted them to the completion of the transportation service, I was thoroughly impressed by their professionalism, efficiency, and commitment to customer satisfaction

10 ton Pickup Truck Rental Dubai

10 ton pickup trucks are heavy-duty trucks that can carry 4,500 kg of weight in their bed. We offer our truck rental services to event management companies, home renovation, logistic companies, and construction-related companies. Our heavy-duty automatic or manual trucks give the freedom of drivers to go to their destination safely. These are commercial trucks that come in a length of 28 feet and give the freedom to the user to carry whatever type of load they want to carry, whether it is home or office furniture to logistic material.

 With our 10 ton pickup trucks, we offer driving services to our customers. Or drivers are experienced, licensed, and RTA-approved to give your luggage the best on-road experience. We offer safe time pickup and drop off facilities to our clients. Our 10 ton pick truck dimensions fulfill all the quality standards of the UAE. For the residents and expats, a 10 ton pickup truck rental from the HT Haulier Transport is the perfect choice to make.

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Benefits of Renting a 10 Ton Pick Up Truck

10 ton pickup truck Dubai

Renting a 10 ton pickup truck in Dubai offers many advantages over buying one. Here are some key benefits:

  • Cost Savings: Renting a 10 ton truck is cheaper than buying one. Consequently, you save significantly on a down payment, loan interest, registration, insurance, maintenance, and repair costs.
  • No Depreciation: Rental trucks don’t depreciate over time like purchased trucks. Also, you get to use an asset without its value diminishing.
  • Flexibility: You can rent a 10 ton pickup for as long as you need. Short-term or long-term rental options allow you to scale capacity based on changing business requirements.
  • Latest Models: We regularly update our rental fleet with new models. Moreover, renting gives you access to modern trucks with the latest features.

No Maintenance: Maintenance like oil changes, brake repairs, and engine tuning is our responsibility as the rental provider. So, you don’t have to worry about any of that

Here are some typical specifications for a 10 ton pickup truck:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight: Around 14,000 lbs or 6,400 kg
  • Max Payload: 10,000 lbs or 4,500 kg
  • Engine: Powerful diesel engine, 6-8 cylinder
  • Transmission: Heavy-duty automatic or manual
  • Drive: Rear-wheel or all-wheel drive
  • Body: Flatbed, stake, van, dump truck and more
  • 10t truck Dimensions:
  • Length: 22 to 28 ft
  • Width: 80 to 96 inches
  • Height: 100 to 120 inches
  • Tires: All-terrain radial tires
  • Brakes: Power brakes with ABS
  • Fuel Tank: 60+ gallon capacity

A 10 ton pickup truck in Dubai provides ample power, torque, payload space, and durability to haul heavy cargo for construction, equipment transportation, landscaping, and various logistical tasks. 

10 Ton Pick Up Truck Specifications

10 ton truck

Companies Who Can Use 10 ton Truck Rental In Dubai

10 ton pickup truck rental has been in demand service in recent years due to its capacity and flexibility. Due to the rise in demand for 10 ton truck rentals, everyone is curious about the companies that can use this service.

Here are the companies who can use our 10 ton truck rental service in Dubai.

Construction Related Companies:

 The recent surge in construction all across Dubai makes our 10 ton truck a perfect choice for construction companies to rent.  Our trucks can be used to transport construction material,.machinery, and tools with its flatbed, cargo, and heavy engine.

Transportation Logistic Companies:

Trucks Rental Dubai’s 10 ton pickup for rent in Dubai is the best go-to choice for transportation companies. With this service, they can move their goods and deliver products on time.

Event Management Companies:

Event management companies are always in need of heavy-duty trucks to move their sound systems, stages, equipment, tools, and decoration materials with safety and security. Our service of 10 ton pickup for rent in Dubai is the best fit for any such company.

Relocation And Moving Companies:

 Small relocation and moving companies can collaborate with our company to complete the large projects.  Our 10 ton truck rentals can help them to move the furniture, appliances, and other belongings of the people in Dubai.

These are a few of the vast number of possibilities for 10 ton pickup truck rental in Dubai our trucks can be used by waste management authorities, landscaping and gardening agencies, furniture stores, wholesalers and retailers, and manufacturing companies. 

The capacity of trucks and flexibility of the company makes it a good choice for multiple businesses or companies to rely on. Stop looking for a 10 ton truck for sale in Dubai when you can get a maintained 10 ton truck on rent in Dubai.

Contact our team and grow your business with our 10 ton truck service in Dubai.

Services Offered by Haulier Transport

At Haulier Transport, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet all your 10 ton pickup truck rental needs in Dubai:


  • Long-term and short-term rentals – Rent a 10 ton pickup for a day, week, month, or longer. Scalable rental periods to suit your project needs.
  • End-to-end pickup and drop off – We’ll pick up and drop off the 10t truck at your desired location in Dubai.
  • Experienced drivers – Our trained drivers with commercial licenses can operate the 10 ton trucks for you.
  • Secure parking and maintenance – Trucks are parked, maintained, and serviced in our secure yard when not in use.
  • Insurance services – We offer comprehensive insurance coverage for our rental trucks. Get complete peace of mind.
  • Custom body and storage – Based on your cargo, we can customize the truck with a flatbed, box storage, dump body, etc.
  • Logistical support – Our team handles permits, route planning, load optimization, etc. to facilitate smooth goods movement.
  • 24×7 assistance – Expert support over the phone and email through your rental for absolute convenience.
  • Damage repair – We take care of any minor repairs caused by normal wear and tear.


Trust us with all your 10 ton pickup truck rental needs in Dubai. Also, we offer round-the-clock assistance to ensure your cargo transportation goes smoothly and stress-free.

10 Ton Pickup UAE Price

The rental rates for a 10 ton pickup truck in Dubai depend on several factors, like rental duration, truck model, additional services, and more.

Moreover, our rental rates are very affordable and competitive within the Dubai market. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental packages. Consequently, the longer you rent, the more value you get with our volume-based discounts.

Furthermore, additional charges may apply for add-ons like pickup/drop off, fuel, driver, insurance, mileage, customs, etc.


HT Haulier Transport's Truck Rental Service

HT Haulier Transport is a leading pickup truck rental company in UAE with years of experience in the logistics company. We have the latest models of 10 ton pickup trucks in our fleet. The best part about a 10 ton pickup truck rental in Dubai is our cheapest rates. We offer short or long-term truck rental plans all across the UAE. You can save the depreciation costs by renting 10 truck rentals from HT Haulier Transport. We have seasonal discounts for our clients to help them with their moving needs. With  HT Hauliér Transport, you can save on a down payment, loan interest, registration, insurance, maintenance, and repair costs.

So, get in touch with us to get a customized, all-inclusive quote tailored to your specific rental requirements. As a leading 10 ton pickup truck rental company in Dubai, we offer very reasonable rates designed to provide maximum value.

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Here are some key reasons to choose Haulier Transport for renting a 10 ton pickup truck in Dubai:

Extensive Experience

With decades of experience, we are experts at 10 ton pickup truck rentals. Also, we know exactly how to meet your heavy haulage transportation needs.

Reliable Fleet

Our trucks are serviced regularly and have good uptime. Furthermore, breakdown risks are low, so your logistics operations will stay smooth.

Excellent Service

Right from the booking process to delivery and pickup, you’ll enjoy outstanding service from our team. So, your rental experience will be smooth and hassle-free.

Why Choose Haulier Transport?

Safety Compliant

Our trucks comply with all safety, maintenance, and regulation standards. You get perfectly roadworthy vehicles every time.

Reasonable Rates

We offer very competitive rental rates tailored to your specific requirements. Great value for money!

One-stop Solution

From trucks to drivers, permits, and insurance, we offer complete end-to-end solutions. Renting is simple!

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HT Haulier Transport with its years of experience in the logistics market is the ultimate choice for the residents of Dubai. We are offering our extensive fleet of 10 ton pickup trucks for rent in Dubai. We have an extensive fleet of 10 ton pickup trucks that give you multiple options to choose from. With our 10 ton trucks, licensed drivers, on-time delivery and unparalleled services are the best choice for everyone looking for a reliable trusted truck rental company in Dubai.

We are offering short or long-term truck rental solutions to meet the needs of company owners and home relocation companies.  Our 10 ton pickup trucks are of the latest models and come with all the safety features to give your luggage a safe ride to its final destination. The best thing about our 10 ton pickup truck rentals in UAE is its affordable rates. We also deal with customizable solutions to meet our client’s needs in the UAE.

Contact our team to know about our 10 ton pickup truck dimensions and book you now!

Rent a 10 Ton Pickup Truck Today!

Now that you know the advantages of renting a 10 ton pickup truck in Dubai and the excellent service we provide, it’s time to rent one!

Furthermore, our team is ready to understand your cargo transportation needs, recommend the right 10t truck specifications, and provide a personalized rental quote.

To rent a 10 ton Pickup Rental Dubai or any other heavy commercial vehicle, get in touch with us today. Call or email us at info@haulier.com. We look forward to helping your business move heavy loads efficiently.