Box Trucks for Rent in Dubai

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Your search for a reliable logistic company ends here with Haulier Transport. We provide reliable cargo transportation solutions for you and your businesses with our box trucks for rent in Dubai. Our fleet of the latest box truck models is at your service if you want to deliver products or move goods in Dubai or all across the UAE.

box truck rental in dubai

Logistic Company- Haulier Transport: Box Truck Rentals in UAE

Welcome to Haulier Transport, your next logistics partner. Our decades of experience and extensive fleet of box trucks in the transport industry make us unmatchable in Dubai. We provide box trucks for rent in Dubai and all across the UAE with tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Our commitment to excellence and experienced team of drivers with a customer-centric approach is set to take the burden off your shoulders and ready to be your next logistic partner. Our diverse range of box trucks will handle this with maximum ease. Count on us for your local deliveries, transporting goods, and special projects for secure, on-time fast delivery.

Best #1 Box Trucks Rental:

Box trucks are commercial vehicles characterized by their box-like closed cargo area and are typically used for the transfer of goods by logistic companies. At Haulier Transport, we have several options for box trucks for rent in Dubai such as :

1 Ton Van

Our 1 ton van is also known as a 1 ton cube van or 1 ton box truck. Furthermore, 1 ton for rent in Dubai is used by many companies such as moving companies, food catering, and bakery companies due to their mid-sized wheel and a carrying cargo capacity of 2,000 pounds. Our 1 ton vans for rent have an edge over other counterparts due to their fuel efficiency and navigating through narrow roads. Our 1 ton van for rent is the best option if you and your business need to relocate your goods and appliances locally. Hire us today and help your business to grow with maximum ease.

3 Ton Box Truck

Our 3 ton boxtruck rental Dubai is also known as a 3 ton box truck with a payload capacity of 6,000 pounds. Our 3 ton boxtruck rental is more fuel-efficient for heavy payloads such as logistic companies, moving companies, and goods transport companies.
Our 3 ton boxtruck rental comes from cheap 3 ton boxtruck rental service provider companies all across the UAE. Our 3 ton got so many certificates of 3 ton boxtruck rental service in UAE in the past years. And this makes us best among other logistic companies.
Our 3 ton boxtruck rental service can be the best choice for individuals and companies who need to transport heavier goods.
Hire us today to make your logistic process easier.

10 Ton Box Truck:

Our 10 ton box truck is among the popular boxtrucks for its payload capacity of 20,000 pounds. They are typically more robust and larger compared to other boxtrucks such as 1 ton van and 3 ton boxtruck rentals.
Our 10 ton boxtruck rental service Dubai is used for transporting heavy loads of about 10 tons capacity. We have 10 ton boxtruck powerhouse engine makes them capable of carrying heavy loads.
Our 10 ton boxtruck rental service Dubai is a practical thing for industries that need occasional transportation of heavy items without the commitment of a permanent fleet of buying one.
Our box trucks for rent in Dubai have different models that have rear doors and side doors for the safe loading and unloading of items. The enclosed compartment of our boxtrucks is made up of aluminum and fiberglass and we offer different packages for different cargo needs.

Box Trucks for Different Purposes:

Box trucks for rent in Dubai are used in different domains from the retail, construction, or distribution businesses to accommodate different types of cargo. Box trucks’ versatility makes them indispensable in every industry helping them secure the transportation of goods and pieces of equipment.
We are enlisting some of the possibilities where you can use our box trucks for rent in Dubai as well as used refrigerated trucks for sale in Dubai ,

Goods Transport:

From fragile to perishable goods, we are here to help them transfer from one point to their final destination.

Event Logistics Transport:

Our 1 Ton van, 3 ton boxtruck rental, and 10 ton boxtruck rental service in UAE can be used for event logistics to transport event supplies, and equipment for trade shows, exhibitions, and other events.

Appliance and Furniture Delivery:

Furniture stores, and appliance retailers used box trucks for the safe and secure transfer of their appliances and furniture delivery to their customer’s homes.

Food Catering:

Our 1 ton van to 10 ton box trucks for rent are reliable options for the transfer of food catering companies. The first and foremost benefit would be the transfer would be secure and the second and undefined benefit is the freshness of the food with our dry refrigerators. Box trucks for rent in Dubai are used by many other industries as they hold so many benefits with their temperature-sensitive cargo transport facility. Our experienced team is ready to give you expert advice to choose box trucks based on your requirements section. We at Haulier Transport can help you to customize the package for you. For that, you have to contact us first, Contact us today, and feel free tomorrow!


We Haulier Transport, a well-renowned name in the box trucks for rent in Dubai with our commitment to quality, excellence, affordability, and a customer-centric approach. With our market-competitive prices, extensive box truck fleet, and licensed trained drivers, we are the name you can trust.
With our top-notch box trucks for rent in Dubai, experience hassle-free logistic transport and set the pace for your business growth. We look forward to helping you with our diverse fleet of box trucks at the most affordable rates.
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