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Pick Up Truck Rental Dubai

Efficient Pickup Truck Rental Solutions for Your Goods Transportation Needs 

Welcome to Haulier Transport, where expertise meets experience to help you with all moving or goods transportation needs. We proudly provide pickup truck rental service in Dubai, with decades of experience in the field.

We are proud of our commitment to providing unparalleled truck pickup rental services with the most affordable rates in the Dubai transportation market.

Our extensive fleet offers multiple short or long-term Pickup Truck Rentals, vans, and trailer packages to our diverse nature clients.

We proudly provide solutions for your office needs, furniture, apartment moving, and good transportation with affordable truck rental packages.

There is no need to search for a pickup truck for sale in UAE when you have us. Search instead for where to rent a pickup truck, get in contact with Haulier Transport, and get the possible solutions for all your moving needs.

Make your next move hassle-free to make your life easier by hiring Haulier Transport for truck rental in Dubai!

Refrigerated Truck Rental Dubai
Pickup Truck Rental Dubai

Our Services for Pickup Rental Dubai

1 ton van for rent in dubai

1 ton van

box truck rental in dubai

3 ton box truck

40 feet Trailer


Pickup Rental & Cheap Truck Rental Near Me

Why Customers Choose Our Pickup Truck Rental Dubai Services!

Pickup Rental

10 year of experience

Pickup Truck Rental

Experience Team

Fast Response

Pickup Truck Rental

Experience Team

Fast Response



What Client Says About Pickup Rental & Truck Rental Dubai

Pickup Truck Rental
The driver was punctual And he has very positive attitude , communications with our clients was on time and the price was affordable I really recommend the pick up service

John Adam

Founder - Mega international

About Haulier Transport for Pickup Truck Rental

Haulier Transport is a renowned refrigerated and dry transportation company that helps people, companies, and small or big brands to move from one place to another with all their stuff. Our various pickup rental options and diverse range sizes significantly support logistic companies.

We have been in the transportation sector for a long time now and helped a lot of potential clients with all their moving needs. Your trust kept us moving yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Vehicles in Haulier Transport Fleet: Pickup Truck Rental Dubai

Vehicles are the backbone of any logistics company. With this in mind, our company has an extensive, unparalleled fleet section. We can cover all your transportation needs with our fleet.

The types of trucks, vans, box trucks, and trailers we are offering with their capacities are mentioned below,

Pickup Truck Rental:

Haulier Transport offers four options for Pickup Truck Rentals such as 1-ton, 3-ton, 7-ton, and 10-ton. We have pickup trucks of various models. The capacity to accommodate the goods depends on the type of vehicle you choose for your needs. Our Pickup Truck Rentals in Dubai have a payload capacity of 1,000 lbs to 10,000 lbs.

You can rent a 1-ton, 3-ton, 7-ton, and 10-ton Pickup Truck Rentals at competitive prices.

Book your truck now!

Box Truck Rental:

    • Delivery Van
    • 3-Ton Box Truck
    • 7-Ton Box Truck
    • 10-Ton Box Truck

    Box truck transfers are used for durable and dried goods, including electronics, consumer, food, and freight.

    We are providing box trucks for rent for all your needs. You can search for box truck rentals in UAE and find us as the leading movers company all across UAE. Using a box truck for your transportation can be cost-effective and expeditious.

    Don’t believe it? Book with us and know the news!

Cheap Truck Rental Near Me


    • 40ft Trailer
    • Flatbed Trailer

    Apart from the pickup moving trucks and box trucks, we also have 40ft and flatbed trailers to help you move your insensitive, oversized, and indelicate goods. Our leading flatbed trailer and 40ft trailer hire service gets clicks daily.

    Don’t scroll for used trailers for sale in UAE; hire one from us and enjoy the process!

    All the vehicles or types of equipment that we use in

Services at Pickup Rental Dubai & Pickup and Delivery Service Dubai:

With the diversity in our Pickup Truck Rentals in Dubai, we offer our clients multiple services. 


We at Haulier Transport take immense pride in providing our moving services to our clients. We provide our pickup truck rental from 1 ton to 10 tons to help you move your office, apartment, or villa.

We know moving is daunting, especially when you have to leave a place and settle in a new one. You have to manage the two spaces, the old one or a new one, simultaneously; the move itself is nerve-wracking. Haulier is in your space with multiple services and an extensive fleet to ease you with the case.

We are professional movers who help people move from packing to loading, then moving and unloading. We are a single solution for all your moving problems. Our Pickup truck rentals and the men’s power are the ideal package you need.

Our handle-with-care technique to handle your expensive, delicate items, from furniture to crockery, is the best by any other transportation company.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers, and we are proud that they believe in us and that we were able to help them with our pickup truck rental services in Dubai. 

Goods Transportation: Pickup Truck

Being a leading transportation company, we provide the best quality transportation services in the town. We are helping developing or developed companies with their excellent transportation.

We have you covered if you want your products to move from one place to another for the packaging or transport your food items from one grocery store to another. We have 1-ton to 10-ton pickup trucks for rent and box trucks for all the goods transportation needs.

With all the modern-day facilities, our box trucks are the most suitable choice for transporting food items. You can choose from single to as many pickup trucks for rent in Dubai with us.

You can choose our pickup truck rental company in Dubai for good transportation. For this, you have to contact us. Contact us today and meet the Middle East’s best Transportation Company.

Local Shipment:

We also provide the local shipment service in Dubai and the nearest Emirates of the UAE. You want your products, furniture, and any other parcel from one location to another. Our Pickup Truck Rentals go to different parts of Dubai and give you on-time delivery with our different pickup truck rental and vehicle leasing services.

You can hire us as your next pickup truck rental company in Dubai or any other Emirate for all your transportation needs for the services mentioned above or any other. We can also customize a move based on your needs and the machinery or stuff you want to move with.

Worry less and book more. Book one or more Pickup Truck Rentals now with Haulier Transport Dubai and get the pain out of your head!

Pickup Truck Rental Dubai

What Do We Offer : Pickup Truck & Pick Up Dubai

Moving is daunting, no matter what you move and where you move. It’s always stressful on the nerves and body. We understand the process and come up with a complete package. So, if someone is looking for a cheap truck rental near me, your search ends here because Haulier Truck Movers is the leading company in Dubai.


Being a pickup truck rental company in Dubai, we understand trucks are only one of many needs for a pickup rental company in Dubai. You need hands to help you with your relocation; for that, you need manpower, and we provide it to our clients to help them with their relocation and transportation process. 

Loading and Unloading:

Loading and unloading are crucial to any move apart from a pickup truck in Dubai. Men power and trailers perform the task of loading and unloading. Our team of experienced staff will load the goods and then unload them at your final destination, your desired place.

Our staff is fully trained to handle every kind of stuff with great care. So, you can trust us with your stuff.

Licensed Drivers:

For logistic transfer, the driver needs a commercial license, not the usual one. Our company also provides commercially licensed drivers who know the road conditions, what to do and what not to do, how to deal with a particular condition, and how to react.

They are fully trained to deal with every situation and take the necessary measures to ensure on-time delivery of your goods, furniture, and products.

Pickup Truck Rental Dubai
Pickup Truck

Extensive Fleet

We have a Variety of Vehicles in Our Fleet For You to Choose From:

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Why You Choose Pickup Truck Rental Dubai?

Bulk Transport:

Besides the local shipment companies charging for a single product, Haulier Transport provides bulk flow options at affordable market-competitive prices for a single truck service.

We provide Bulk flow options for companies, from clothing brands to food brands and everything in between. We cater to anything you want, from the slightest move to the good logistic flow in a 1-ton pickup truck rental or a 10-ton. We are equipped with all the necessary machinery for your subsequent transportation. We have vans, trailers, flatbeds, trucks, teams, and everything you need

Unparalleled Customer Service:

As a pickup truck rental company in Dubai, we provide unmatched customer support to our clients. We help them to meet their needs in the best possible ways. We understand you and your situation and devise and execute a proper plan.

Whether it is our team of drivers, the maintenance team, or our executive team executing the plan, they are all well-trained professionals fully aware of market trends to help you with the best possible solutions.  

Certified Trained Movers:

In a city like Dubai, trust is built by the certification. We are proudly certified pickup truck movers in Dubai to help with your suitable transportation needs.

Our staff, from the managing to the executing team, are well-trained to make hassle-free good transportation. We are no reliable pickup truck rental service provider company in the UAE.

No Hidden Charges

There are so many companies that charge more. But here at Haulier Transport, our free and fair transparent policy is one of the main points that help us to gain trust. You only pay for the services you get, nothing else.

We call you to move anything, anytime and anywhere, in Dubai with Haulier Transport, a leading pickup truck rental company. We are available 24/7 with all our services for you. We are a call away. Give us a call and make your move hassle-free and smooth.

Our Client Uses Our Pickup Truck Rental Services

Operation Manager Ibrar
Operation Manager
Ibrar Ibrahim
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Transport Manager


Our PickUp Truck Service

Our pickup service rental is diverse. Our fleet is extensive. We have multiple pickup trucks and movers for you to choose from. The pickup trucks we have with their carrying capacities and their uses are as follows,

1 Ton PickUp Truck Rental

With a 2000-pound lifting capacity, our 1-ton pickup truck rentals are best for you if you want to relocate your belongings in 907 kilograms from Dubai and all across the UAE. With its 1-ton truck rental option, HT Hauler Transport allows you to select the best 1-ton pickup for rent in Dubai from us.

We have the latest models of 1-ton pickup trucks for you in Dubai. You can visit us during working hours and select the best 1-ton pickup truck for rent in Dubai according to the luggage or parcel you want to transport.

Our 1-ton pickup trucks could be the best choice if you own a small business set-up and want to relocate your parcels and items from Dubai to any Emirate in UAE.

Don’t look for a 1-ton pickup for sale in UAE while considering renting one from us. Relocate your belongings in the most secure way possible with the latest model and professional team.

1 Ton Pickup Rental Services in Dubai

3 Ton PickUp Truck Rental

3 Ton Pickup

Our Medium Duty Trucks, also known as 3-ton pickup trucks with a carrying capacity of 6,000 pounds, are the best fit for you or your company if you want to relocate your office or apartment with belongings of 2,722 kilograms.

We have the latest models of 3-ton pickup trucks. You can book our 3-ton pickup for rent in Dubai online or visit our office during working hours and select the best 3-ton truck.

Our 3-ton trucks can be a good choice if you own a business and need a big vehicle to transport goods. Logistics and cargo companies use our 3-ton pickup trucks for goods and cargo transport from Dubai to other parts of the UAE.

Don’t look for a used 3-ton pickup for sale in UAE while choosing HT Haulier’s 3-ton pickup for rent in Dubai for your transportation needs of 6,000 pounds capacity.

7 Ton PickUp Truck Rental

Our heavy-duty trucks, also known as 7-ton pickups for rent in Dubai with a carrying capacity of 14,000 pounds, can be the best fit for a home, villa, or company owner who wants to relocate from Dubai to other parts of the UAE.

We have the latest models of 7-ton truck rentals for you. You can book it online or by visiting our office and selecting the best fit of 7-ton models for you.

These trucks have larger wheelbase and cargo beds than the 3-ton truck rentals with sustainable frames to handle the heavier loads. 

Logistics and cargo companies use our 7-ton pickup trucks for goods and cargo transport from Dubai to other parts of the UAE. Our 7-ton pickup dimensions in UAE are different, as we have trucks from different brands.

Don’t look for 7-ton trucks for sale in UAE while getting our 7-ton trucks for rent in Dubai from HT Haulier Transport.

7 Ton PickUp Truck Rental

10 Ton PickUp Truck Rental

An extension of our 10-ton pickup truck rental, also known as Heavy Duty Moving Trucks, can be the best fit for you if you want to transport 20,000 pounds of luggage in and out of Dubai. We have different models of 10-ton trucks for rent in Dubai. Our renting module is customer-friendly. You can book our services online or by visiting our office in Dubai.

Our 10-ton truck for rent in Dubai can be good for you if you want to relocate your goods to a logistics company or villa. You can also use our services for other purposes too.

Our 10-ton truck dimensions are different for different models, but we are sure you will find your best one out of our extensive fleet.

Contact us for the best pickup truck rental Dubai service with the ease of a call.


40 feet Trailer

Our 40-feet trailer or 40ft trailer hire and are extensions in our fleet to help our clients with their needs. Our 40 feet trailers can help you to transport insensitive goods or heavy loads from one place to another.

Flatbed Trailer

We have a wide range of flatbed trailers at HT Haulier Transport Dubai to haul heavy material or equipment. We also offer one-way moving truck rental according to our customers’ demands. 

40 feet Trailer


Pickup Rental Dubai & Pickup Truck

  • Do you need to move heavy goods and equipment?

    HAULIER TRANSPORT LLC provides you with the best services of trucks that provide you the 100% results and move your heavy items safely and smoothly. HAULIER TRANSPORT LLC is the best transport-based company. Providing you with the best logistics support. We have a lot of trucks with drivers of the best abilities to help you with your big move.We have experienced drivers and trained staff, and we are ready to move your heavy transports like furniture, appliances, painting, canvas, luggage, and big boxes in UAE.


     Choose a one-ton pickup truck for rent available at very low prices in all locations in Dubai and the neighbouring emirates. If you want to pick up heavy trucks in Dubai, you should consider several factors, such as cargo space, towing capacity, and other features that enhance the overall experience. Contact us  for your requirements and get the best rates for 4×2 Pickups and 4×4 Pickups in Dubai. In Dubai, nationwide long and short-term truck hire, including delivery and collection, all prices include VAT.


    Our trained and responsible drivers perform their duty very well. We will provide you with a reasonable and easy-priced package with full-proof security. We will move the secure things very carefully for the people who do not want to reveal anything about their secret items. We also keep your instructions in mind. Providing the best customer experience is the best and the main focus of our work. We proudly provide good transportation solutions for your office needs, furniture, apartment moving, and affordable truck rental packages. Moving vans will be cheap as compared to other transport like a rental car.


    Search out the best company; now contact us to know which cheap truck rental is near me, a moving van and a pickup truck in Dubai and for more details and to get more information about the company's services. You can also call us at +971509755935.

    You can also Email us at : info@trucksrentaldubai.com

  • Benefits Of Our Truck Services
    • No Hidden Charges
    • Additional Driver
    • No Subscription Charges
    • Flexi Rental Packages
    • No Cancellations Charges
  • How can we find the best pickup truck rental in Dubai?
    • Ask your friends and family
    • First, confirm that they are the best one
    • Search out the best company like HAULIER TRANSPORT LLC
    • Then verify the company of pickup truck rental company is Licensed and Insured
    • Check their review
    • Visit their office and meet them personally
    • Verify their Address